Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy Birthday, Troy!

When I first met Troy, I had a boyfriend. Troy and I became good friends. Good friends with a big, fat age difference. Later, the boyfriend became a fiance. Troy and my friendship continued. Throughout the summer of 2002, my relationship with He Who Shall Not Be Named began to fizzle. I realized that there was the idea of someone out there who would be everything I was looking for in a husband and that the yo-yo I was dating wasn't it. I saw, in Troy, everything I wanted. Of course, Troy was much older, much wiser, and, you know, all grown up. So it wasn't Troy that I was looking for. I just knew it wasn't He Who Shall Not Be Named.

When I broke off the engagement he asked me if there was someone else. Like a total idiotic moron I said, "No. But there is the idea of someone. There is the idea of someone who will be everything I'm looking for."

He asked, "Like who?"

Like an even bigger idiotic moron I said, "Like Troy."

Who, for the record, The Ex knew.

As it turned out, Troy liked me. He didn't seem to mind that I was all, like, a baby and still in a cradle and stuff. He came to a show I directed and we went out to dinner afterward. He asked me to date him, officially.

I needed to consider this for a moment. See, I can do quick math as long as it's basic. I knew that if we dated and if we got married there would come a time when I'd be 29 and I'd be married to a 40-year-old.

That time has come.

For the next three months my 40-year-old husband will have a wife in her twenties. What a lucky guy. ;-)

Happy Birthday, Troy. I love you with all of my heart. Thank you for providing for us, for loving me and our boys and, above all, our Lord and Savior. You are my everything and I hope we get to share another 50 years together.

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  1. Well he certainly doesn't LOOK 40!!! I had no idea you guys had such an age difference. :) Hope Troy has a great birthday and enjoys his 20-something wife. He sure is a lucky guy!