Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I've been painstakingly going through all my posts and updating their tags. Though it's been out of control time consuming, it's been hysterical. I love reading the things Garrett tried to pull when he was younger. I found this post. The video at the very end serves as a reminder of how much The Rock Star could speak when he was almost two. Let me tell you that the difference between the conversational skills of 23 month old Garrett and 40 month old Garrett is approximately 180 degrees.

My favorite part of this post is the following sentence. I know adoption isn't easy. I know that I'll hit a lot bigger bumps than this along the way but come on already, give a girl a break. I wrote that on June 26, 2008. There had been a weird mix up in our paperwork. It took like a day and absolutely no money to fix. So, when I read that I knew I'd hit bigger bumps along the way, I burst out laughing hysterically--maniacally, even. Oh Lori...if only you'd known.

Anyway, it's been interesting going back through them all. And organizational. I love me some good ole organization.


  1. good for you. i have been wanting to go back and tag my posts, but the massiveness of the job is too much to consider right now. someday.

    funny how our perspective can change so drastically, huh? i was reading back at my complaints of being nauseous. and now i wish i was sick. wish i was still growing a baby and would give any amount of puking to do so. perspective.

    praying for you and your family. happy thanksgiving!

  2. you know if you ever run out of things to organize my door is always open. :)