Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Random Wednesday

I'm down on our desktop computer, which is buried in the recesses of the basement, because I can't get our wireless Internet to work upstairs. So I started looking at pictures that we have stored on this computer. We didn't use the laptop at home until we moved to Utah so all pictures prior to that are on the one in the office. I've selected a few random shots, for your viewing pleasure or...whatever.

Three years and three days ago, this is what my firstborn looked like.
Um. I've had several people at our church tell me that they cannot imagine what I looked like pregnant. Well, this is what I looked like just seconds before we walked out the door to deliver our baby. I felt gigantic and, really, I was. For me. I mean nine months of gestating a son was certainly the biggest I'd ever been. But I look at it now and I see why so very many people hated me.

I get it now. I'm issuing my formal apology. Back then, I swore to everyone that I'd be huge with the next one. Well, the day Matthew was born I was quite a lot smaller than this. If there is ever another biological one, I promise to be bigger. I also kind of sort of maybe promise that there won't be another biological one.

This is what I looked like two days after Garrett was born. You know, in case people at the church were wondering what I looked like just after giving birth. I'm smiling because I'd had the good sense to get an epidural.

This is our cat when he was just a little kitty and we were all, What the doo da day? How the heck do we have a cat? What do you even do with a cat? We hate cats. Don't we? I think this was still when we were calling him a her. Because, yes, we were just that stupid when it came to cats. I mean, it was pretty obvious when we got our dog that he had...ahem...some business. With Oliver it was just so hard to tell. We felt pretty dumb when the vet said, slowly, as though that was what we needed, "This is actually a male."

And to wrap up this completely random slathering of photos, I urge you to tell me how any home is complete without one of these. No really. Go ahead and try. I'm fairly confident I won't believe you.

I think it might be as futile as if someone attempted to convince me that the Obama Administration's decision to try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and other Al Qaeda terrorists in the civilian justice system in Manhattan is a good idea.


  1. oh you look so cute pregnant. And so cute after! Jealous.

  2. You were so small..I wondered if G had been premature!! sheesh. Well, lucky happy you (and hubby) :) And while I do not have a dog, I do think they round out the home very nicely. Such a cute family. (how exactly did you come to own a cat if you "hated" them??)

  3. Great pictures! Thanks! What's your dog's name? Sabrina

  4. I love when you get political. Even for a nanosecond at the end of your blog. :)

  5. yes, i admit it....i was one of the haters. i think that i was about 3 months pregnant when you were 9 months pregnant and i swear we were the exact same size. i also think that right now, 5.5 months post-pregnancy, i look a little too similar to your 9 month picture for my liking...

  6. Um... looking at that photo and then looking at mine from "the night before" I look like I could just recently finished devouring someone about the size of you in that picture. so, wow! I'm also fairly certain that somewhere around last February I posted a 5 months preggo pic and I looked about that size. You got some good genes girl.

    Also, my confirmation code is "funpal" and that makes me laugh.

  7. I thought you were six or seven months pregnant. I thought people who are as tiny as you showed more but I guess I am wrong. cute pics

  8. You know the saying: "Good thinks come in small packages" have photographic proof there don't you!

    Terrorist trial: I feel terrorized just thinking about it being held in civil court. So do our cats.

  9. I'm on it, kid, I'm on it. I watch lots of SVU. I have a couple of fake props guns from a show. I've been wearing really pointy heels lately, and I'm pretty sure I could do some damage with them. Failing that, I could make a shiv out of office supplies. Except that now our office manager locks the cabinet because our president is, like, convinced that people are stealing post-its, but whatever. And I mean the president of my company is concerned, not Obama is concerned about my post-it usage. Although he might be. I don't know.

    The point is, I am fully prepared to wage my very own, completely fabulous War On Terror at the drop of a hat.

    And it's not like he's THAT much scarier than the people who live on the first floor of my apartment building.

  10. I just stood in line with someone who had 6 months to go in her pregnancy that looked your size at 9 months. Good thing you offered the apology. =)