Thursday, November 19, 2009

More pictures

I've been meaning to show you all this onesie that my friend, Michelle, gave Matthew back in September. Giraffe. It's cute right? What you probably can't see is the writing underneath the giraffe.
Let's take a closer look...Priceless! I absolutely couldn't have possibly put it any better. When I put him in it I am reminded that there isn't a price tag hanging off of Matthew's arm. It doesn't matter. I'm also reminded of Kevin, Michelle & Karsie and I say a prayer. Sometimes they sound like what Garrett prayed this morning.

G: (climbing into the car after preschool) Mommy, is baby Tarsie still in the hospital? (He asks a lot.)
Me: Yes. She is.
G: Is she getting a shot right now?
Me: Probably not right now.
G: Is the doctor making her better?
Me: Yep. Do you want to say a prayer for her?
G: Uh-huh. (pause) Dear Jesus, thank you for this day. Thank you for Tarsie. Thank you that something is going on in her tummy. Please put your hands on her and make her all better. Amen.

Um. I didn't pick up the phone and called Michelle right then to relay the prayer to her. I'm not that proud of my son's prayer and his tender heart. I certainly wouldn't have felt the need to share it with Michelle. Oh, okay, I did.

So, in other The Rock Star news, he's decided that he is completely independent in the bathroom. Regardless of what kind of business he does, he doesn't want any help. Problem is, when he does serious business, he takes his clothes completely off. Often his pants end up on backwards. It's not a big deal. Except when I forget to fix them and we go out in public like this. It might be worse when I don't realize it until we get home.

And then, finally, a poll. Please watch this video and then tell me if he appears to be happy. Sometimes it's hard for me to tell...


  1. My brother did that too!! He'd take off all his clothes and sit backwards on the toilet...

  2. I voted hard to decide . . . I think "happy" is an understatement! More like ecstatic! When my baby heard his giggles, she stopped nursing, looked at the screen, looked at me, and smiled. So you see? Happy babies recognize other happy babies!

  3. That settles it, I'm gonna start wearing my pants backwards. He just looks so cool that way. And, I voted that M-CAT looks happy. I enjoy his giggles. And Troy's high-pitched imitation voice.

  4. Oh my goodness, you are so awesome! I dont even remember how I found your blog, but I am know a follower. First comment...but I hope and pray that that precious little boy gets to stay in your loving home.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  5. Scrummy...on all counts!
    Have a blessed day.

  6. of course tickling a baby may not be fair to assess how happy he is . . . however, as a regular observer of his emotional state I can truthfully state that he seems very happy . . .

    . . . unless of course we are taking too long to make his bottle. Then he protests--loudly.


  7. If there was a button for "He's obviously so happy here that he couldn't possibly ever be as happy anywhere else" I would have clicked it! As it was, I settled for "yes." What delightful boys you have! And, I must say, it is precious beyond words that Garrett thinks about baby Tarsie and her tummy so much!

  8. There is nothing wrong with backwards pants. Doesn't anyone remember Kriss Kross?!?!?!