Saturday, June 28, 2008

Grandpa Ane

That's a picture taken from our deck at 9:30 pm. I'm not kidding. We are much farther North than we were in San Diego plus we live very close to the Pacific Time Zone even though we're in Mountain time. Garrett, who went to bed at 7:30 all winter, is staying up until around 9:00 now. He'd think I was making him take a nap if I put him down earlier than that because it still looks like broad daylight. It is definitely taking some getting used to.

Below is a video clip of Garrett's funny words for Grandpa and Two. His Grandpa Jon flies helicopters and visiting my dad's work is his favorite place to go in all the world. He just adores anything that flies. One day he started looking at pictures of my dad and saying "ane" which is his word for plane. My dad doesn't fly planes but Garrett's not even two so we'll forgive him his mistake. Then he started doing this funny thing with his arm. You'll see what he does on the video. Also, there is footage of him attempting to show us that he is almost two by putting up fingers.

This one is just him saying a few of his words. I was trying to get him to say some of his news ones but he pretty much just felt like saying the ones he is good at. Then he got bored.


  1. I love the part where he's trying to say 2 with his hands. Cracked me right up.

  2. I could just keep watching over and over. Love it. He is so much more advanced than Sawyer. Very cute. Jolene

  3. Shon and I both enjoyed watching him work through the words! Too adorable. And his motion that goes with Grandpa is awesome. Can't wait for a toddler :)

  4. oh, i love it! it makes me feel giddy thinking that tristan may be doing those things in a mere 6 months. yes, i said giddy, and i meant it. i am a geek. i espeically liked the part where the "honk honk" totally side-tracks him. such a male :)