Sunday, November 22, 2009


We tried to do a jammie photo shoot with the boys the other day. Let me just say how utterly impossible it is to get a three-year-old to stop making goofy faces long enough to snap a picture in the fraction of a nanosecond that an eight month old is actually sitting still.

We got this.
And this.
And then the goofy faces started.

And Matthew crawled away. So we took a picture of Garrett.
He came back looking like he was humoring us.
Then we lost them both and they started acting like, well, brothers.

The little one climbed all over the big one. The big one giggled. The little one looked proud that he'd pinned his brother in a fit of laughter.

They wrestled some more.

The little one had no idea that the big one could throw him off in an instant. The big one didn't because he loves his baby brother. And because he was having fun.

That's the way with brothers.


  1. Awesome brothers! Thanks for all the updates...Im a random follower and you are a great blogger!

    They are both so beautiful!

  2. They are some of the cutest brothers I've ever seen. Heather would like them both sent down their pajamas. We'll expect them in the morning.

  3. i can't wait till my boys can play together like that!! SO cute.