Friday, August 19, 2011


There are people who always tell me that Garrett looks just like his daddy. And, well, sure, he's got half his DNA, shares his detached ear lobes and has a similar shape to his upper lip. He has an affinity for history and detests cantaloupe. I'm not trying to deny paternity.

But I've seen my pictures. I had long hair. Beyond that, the similarities are uncanny.

When we were at California Adventure, three of us rode California Screamin'. I know where the camera is that takes your picture at the end so, like the big dork that I am, I stuck my tongue out and hung it to the side. My hair was flying around behind me like nobody's business and gave the appearance that I didn't really have any to speak of.

When my dad saw the picture he asked me what I was doing with my face. I managed to explain that I'd stuck out my tongue before blurting out, "It looks like Garrett."

Later, my dad said that when he first walked up and saw the shot he was confused because he knew Garrett hadn't been on the ride but it looked like he was in the picture. My husband said he apparently didn't contribute anything to the child.

Unfortunately, it was next to impossible to take a picture of the picture because of the angle. In retrospect, I should have bought it. Even if my tongue is hanging half out of my mouth. Even if it isn't flattering. Because it's even harder to see it now that it's off the camera and on the computer.

While we were waiting in line to meet Mickey--before Garrett cut open his hand--Troy showed him the picture on the camera. "Who do you think this is a picture of?" He squinted his eyes.

"I can't tell. It's all blurry."

"If you had to guess?"

Cocking his head to the side he replied, "It's me." And, you know what, in 25 years it just might be.


  1. Oh.My.Gosh! Are you sure that's not Garrett???? All I can say is Wow!