Monday, August 15, 2011


So far, at The Happiest Place on Earth, we've gone on:

Finding Nemo (all of us)
Autopia (all of us)
Space Mountain (Troy, Garrett, my dad and me)
Jungle Cruise (all of us)
Pirates of the Caribbean (all of us)
Indiana Jones (my mom, my dad, Troy and me--in shifts)
Winnie the Pooh (all of us)
Haunted Mansion (all of us)
Splash Mountain (Garrett, Troy, my mom, my dad and me--in shifts)
pet the goats in the little ranch near Thunder Mountain which we were supposed to ride but which was broken down (Troy, Garrett, Matthew and me)
ridden the Columbia around Tom Sawyer's Island what they are now referring to as Pirate Island. (all of us)

Now we're back at the hotel (courtesy of my parents--thanks Mom and Dad) where The Rock Star, his daddy and his grandparents are enjoying a dip in the pool. The Little Buddy is napping and we're gearing up for a night back at the parks. We'll also be here tomorrow so I think we're doing pretty well.

The Rock Star says that his favorite ride so far has been Splash Mountain. When we went on Space Mountain you'd have thought he was being killed. My dad and I were sitting in front of Garrett and Troy and I seriously thought he was going to be inconsolable when it was over. "AHHHHH!" was his cry for the entire ride. Yet, when it was over, he shrieked, "Let's do it again! Right now!" He's a lot braver than his little brother who clung to me throughout all of Pirates of the Caribbean and cried. As we got close to the end, he dove into Troy's arms and was somehow content. Apparently daddies are much better protectors than mommies. Especially when fake pirate mannequins are involved. Matthew's favorite ride so far has probably been Winnie the Pooh. We're pretty sure he was calling it Winnie the Poop but, you know what, it's confusing. Who names a bear "Pooh" anyway? I mean, that name is just asking for every teenage boy in the world over to poke fun.

Speaking of Matthew, he's had a language explosion in the past couple of weeks. (FINALLY!) Instead of just repeating, he's voluntarily saying all sorts of things. My favorite thing he says-while standing in front of me with his arms reaching up--is, "I hold you."

I usually answer, "You want to hold me?"


So I lift him up. He throws his arms around me. He's done this several times today. In his Mickey Mouse shirt. His brother walks beside me in his Buzz Lightyear one. And off we go.

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  1. Love it! I'm impressed that Garrett was tall enough and brave enough to do Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Maybe next time we go Weston will do those. Sounds like you guys are having a blast.