Thursday, August 11, 2011


Maybe I'm too young to write a blog titled nostalgia.

Then again, maybe there are lots of things that have faded into the past that I still remember fondly. Things, mostly from my childhood.

Like how the summers lasted FOREVER!

How we spent all day, everyday, playing with our friends. How if we didn't have any friends, we'd go door to door knocking and asking if there were any kids to play with. How we would play with these friends and their mom's would occasionally make us Kool Aid to be served with cookies. And how we'd be out all afternoon, as long as we were back by dinner, or dark.

And we did that without cell phones, or GPS tracking software digitally implanted to our skulls, our parents didn't always know exactly where we were. We rode our bikes miles to the mini mart to buy a candy bar . . . or a soda . . or if we were lucky both.

We didn't always have the latest video game system, and even when our parents broke down and bought it we were required to spend most of our time outdoors, where we'd rather be anyway.

Things seemed so much safer, and simpler, and happier.

It wasn't quite Mayberry USA, but in my memories its close.

I was just wondering what you missed from the way things used to be.

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  1. Its funny because I was just thinking of this on my way home last night. There was a group of boys riding their bikes and I was thinking about those days biking around the neighborhood when you had no idea what time it was unless you go hungry. Sigh. . .