Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It's Vacation Bible School time again and I always end up playing some silly character or another in the skits. We are doing a "Starquest" theme and this time I am Soora, an alien from the planet Hatu in the Yort quadrant. I tried to get my husband, who wrote the skits and serves as the ship's captain, to let me be from planet Gershwin in the York quadrant but apparently that sounded too much like Broadway and not enough like space. Whatev.


My costume involves incredibly pointy alien-elf ears and a bald cap.

Yesterday the associate pastor and another friend from church were walking to the convenience store across the street. "You should come," they said, joking.

I just looked at them, trying to figure out if a challenge had been issued.

Because what about my personality and theatrical background would suggest that I'd have any problem at all with walking around in public looking like an alien?

Yeah. In a couple of years my sons aren't going to want to have anything to do with me.

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