Thursday, August 18, 2011

California Time

So we're home. We had an amazing two weeks in southern California.

First, we went to Sea World, courtesy of my brother who just got a promotion and is now Big Wig in Charge of Community Relations (or something like that). He doesn't even have to wear the standard Sea World uniform anymore. But he still gets us in for free which is what really matters. Right?

My mom went too. But she took the picture. Troy wasn't there yet.

After our day at Sea World we headed to the beach to camp for a week. For the first few days it was just my parents, the boys and me. On Wednesday I went to pick up Troy at the airport. We celebrated our 8th anniversary with a delicious seafood lunch. My parents took the boys to the zoo for the day.

My brother and his wife got to the beach on Wednesday as well and we all had a great few days hanging out.

Have I mentioned The Rock Star's obsession with Hawaii, California, water, waves, palm trees, boogie boards, surfing, sharks, etc? I'm sure I have.

All the kid wanted to do was be in the water or on the sand. The. Entire. Time. He wasn't a huge fan of boogie boarding but, despite a ruthless marine layer, he wanted to be wet constantly.

One of the days, we started some spontaneous foot races. My brother's a runner. Troy's a pretty quick sprinter. I'm was a competitive swimmer. So, God bless my mom for snapping this shot at the beginning of our race. You know, before they were ten yards ahead of me in a twenty yard sprint.

Oh well. I might not be able to beat my husband in a footrace, but I can take him on the waves. He's body board challenged. He falls off the back of the wave. I, on the other hand, know how to catch them. I promise that this wave was bigger when I caught it. This was the very end. I don't make a habit of catching four inch waves.

We played football.

My brother doesn't like it when I play like a girl.

The Rock Star went out with my dad into the waves and rode them in on a boat tube. He loved it. It's pretty much the only thing he wanted to do. Don't worry, he had a life jacket on.

We were camping right by The Cardiff Kook Statue and on the day we left this is what we woke up to:

We had to say goodbye to the beach but I'd say we all had some serious fun...

On Sunday afternoon we headed up to Anaheim to hang out at Disneyland with my parents.

We spent three nights and two days. My boys were total daredevils. Garrett rode every ride we did except for California Screamin' and Indiana Jones--which he's still too short for. He even did Tower of Terror with Troy, my dad and me.

It was such a fun age to take him to Disneyland because he's tall enough--and brave enough--for almost all the big rides but he still loves the kiddie ones.
Matthew had a great time as well. He loved Winnie-the-Pooh. My dad and husband, maybe not so much.

Between the six of us, there wasn't much we didn't ride.

We even had a visit to First Aid, which none of us had ever done before. While we were waiting in line to see Mickey, Garrett fell and landed on an anchor bolt. He sliced his hand and it needed a good cleaning. He cried some serious tears but it wasn't anything a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid couldn't fix.
Yesterday we drove home from Anaheim and got in late. We're sad that vacation is over but so glad we got to spend so much time with family! (A few more pictures and stories will likely follow.)

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  1. Looks like a great time had by all! The pictures are great! How is Garretts hand?