Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Do You Pronounce Fork?

We're in ministry, y'all.

We're here in Utah doin' our thang.


I'm still trying to get my inner Beth Moore on.


My youngest son has apparently missed the memo that we're supposed to be an upright, godly, blameless family. He really needs to learn how to pronounce fork correctly.

Because right now, well, he gets the f and the k right. But then he supplies an "uh" sound in the middle and it sounds exactly like the way his brother used to say truck.

It becomes very problematic when he says things like, "I need a fork." Yeah. If that doesn't sound like we're raising a little potty mouthed toddler nothing would.


  1. Tabitha tends to say loudly something that sounds an awful lot like the "s" word. Not sure what she's actually trying to say. Kids are hilarious.