Wednesday, February 2, 2011

You Can't Sled With No Snow

It's 12 degrees y'all. And, yeah, I know I shouldn't be complaining because in Cheyenne it's -5. But. Like. Still. In San Diego it's 56 and right about now I think that would feel downright tropical.

And I'm tired of putting up with freezing temperatures and no snow. Not that I'm asking for a blizzard, mind you, but at least with a little snow we could make snowmen. Or build Garrett his snow cave that he's been begging for (and I keep explaining would, at this point, have to be a dirt cave). Or do some more of this.

As is evidenced by the little one's smile, my boys really like their sledding.
As is evidenced by Garrett's "focus tongue" sledding is both fun and hard work.

Matthew cackles, hysterically, the entire way. We only let him go alone for about five feet. Otherwise he is firmly planted between the legs of a parent.
Yeah. We miss our sledding. If we're going to continue to freeze to death with nothing to show for it then I'm going to head to Bermuda. At least that way my boys could learn the fine art of boating.

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