Tuesday, February 1, 2011


The Rock Star's parent/teacher conference yielded some other noteworthy gems. For example, he was asked to draw a picture of himself. The portrait needed to have different body parts. His did.

Parts included, but were not limited to, a head, eyes, a torso, arms, legs and (as a result of the fact that his torso extended past where his legs began) a male appendage. Although, the teacher did not count, nor make mention, of that last one. Garrett also drew ears.

Gigantic. Enormous. Huge. Ears.

When I got the picture home I said, "Garrett, I love your picture. You drew very big ears."

"Yeah! Cuz I have really big ones, see?" And he proceeded to yank his ears out like an overgrown elf with disproportionate ears--even for one of Santa's helpers. The thing is, kiddo does have fairly big ears. I'd apologize to him every day for my part in that--if I didn't think it would give him a complex.

His teacher also used the phrase social butterfly. To that, my mom said something about apples not falling far from trees. Apparently they move him sometimes. He doesn't discriminate though, he'll talk to whoever they put him next to. Boy. Girl. The teachers. The turtles, Shelly and Lola. He doesn't care. I apologized. "He comes by it naturally." She explained that she loves it, that they really like to see them socializing and out of their shells at this stage of life, that he's clearly a leader and not a follower, that there is no end to his story telling, etc, etc.

My larger than average eared, social butterfly of a boy really didn't fall very far from the tree.

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