Thursday, February 10, 2011

Disciplined in Winco

I called my husband after I left Winco today and announced, "Our children did a role reversal today."

For some reason I never got any grocery store ads in the mail this week. Usually I make WalMart price match everyone else and save money that way. Since I didn't get the ads I decided to go to Winco. I rarely go to Winco because, for some reason, it takes me twice as long to get through. Maybe I get distracted at the bins. Maybe I spend too much time in the bakery. I don't know. Today proved, once again, that Winco is some kind of grocery vortex that I cannot escape.

And one of my sons was just awful.

One of them sat happily in the cart while the other one tried my every, single, nerve.

One of them smiled at everyone.

One of them stood at the bulk peanuts and threw a tantrum when I wouldn't buy them. I had good reason--the last time he begged me to buy bulk peanuts I obliged and then they sat and sat in the pantry and he refused to eat them. As he yelled and screamed at me I shot him the best stink eye I could muster and, through clenched teeth, told him to knock off these crazy shenanigans right this minute.

An older lady, on a ride on cart, zoomed up to my four-year-old. She glared at him. "You should not be talking to your mom like that. You'd better listen to her!"

I wanted to die.

I think she was trying to help.

Instead, it made me feel like a terrible mother who was so bad at controlling her child that she needed help from random women in the grocery store. I instantly felt my cheeks turning beet red. I said nothing to her for fear that I'd actually start defending the kid who is usually fairly pleasant and not disrespectful--even though on this particular day he was being awfully unpleasant and very rude.

She drove away.

I glanced over at my son. He was silently sobbing. Eventually, he climbed into the cart where he remained silent for quite awhile. "Are you embarrassed?" He nodded. I ran my fingers through his hair. "Me too. Maybe you shouldn't act in such a way that ladies at the grocery store discipline you."

"Okay." He whispered. It's good to know that he cares so much about what random people in Winco think about his behavior. But I still can't figure out if I'm grateful to that woman or incredibly offended.


  1. If it had been a woman that is of child-rearing age, I'd be offended. Being an older 'grandma' lady - I wouldn't be as ofended, she was likely trying to help. But I can guess that I'd have a wince of offense no matter who it was.

    Not looking forward to those moments.

    How sweet though that is all it took.

  2. I saw a kid spit at his mom before. Nothing came out of his mouth, it was just the action. She ignored it. I wanted to tell that little kid off so bad. I had no ill feelings for the mom, I felt sad for her and I wished there were something I could do to help her. (I'm not saying your child was as bad as this kid, just trying to rationalize this woman's decision to butt in)
    I would not be offended at the woman. Especially since it worked. Imagine what the world would be like if all kids knew that everyone was watching or that anyone could issue a just punishment. That would be a better place.

  3. I don't know what you should think, but I think that our son should be happy that he was more gently rebuked by a stranger. Had his bad attitude continued unchecked he would have had to deal with his father who doesn't like it when the mother is disrespected.

  4. Ouch, Very embarrassing either way! Everyone has bad days, bummer that it always happens in public huh?