Thursday, February 24, 2011

This Means...

Matthew's second birthday is on Monday. This is impossible as he is still teeny tiny and chugging his first bottle like he was born to eat. This means I'm about to be the mother of a two-year-old again. This is also crazy as, like I stated before, he is still actually a newborn.

My parents are visiting. This means that a whole lot of playing with Grandpa and cooking Pioneer Woman recipes and hanging out is happening. This also means that I am complete chopped liver when it comes to my children. Their grandparents are much, much better than dear old mom.

I'm speaking in two weeks at a conference in the San Diego area. This means I am putting the finishing touches on what I hope will be a life changing event for the women in attendance. It also means that I am praying for a heaping helping of God speaking through me since, if left to my own devices, I'd say nothing but drivel.

I'm speaking at a conference here in the valley in a little over a month. This means I am trying to work on this at the same time that I am working on the first conference and I am actively trying not to go too crazy.

I am continuing to pray for Trevor. Today they took out his tube. His airway collapsed. The part of his brain that controls his airway is not working like it should be. He was bagged and then sedated again. This means that he had a set back. It also means that my God is still at work in his life. Please continue to pray for total and complete healing.

Please forgive me for my sporadic blogging.

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