Sunday, February 6, 2011

An Answer

It was a bit of an unfair question, really. I think Christy's lotion guess was probably the closest although Lindsay's marshmallow fluff made me laugh the hardest. Thank goodness it wasn't that. I think I'd still be cleaning it off of him.

Not long after Matthew was born, a friend of mine who has a biracial son gave me a gift. She said it would be my best friend where Matthew's hair was concerned. Just for Me is a line of hair and skin care products for black girls but, obviously, works for boys as well. The item in question happened to be Creme Conditioner and Hairdress, used to improve hair manageability.I didn't use it very often. I've found that Shea lotion has a similar effect and I like the smell a lot better. Plus, we tend to keep Matthew's hair pretty short. But, I'd used this particular product from time to time--just a little dab here or there. I'd say this tub was about 80% full when Matthew pulled it out of the drawer, unscrewed the top, and rubbed it all over the back of his head, face, clothes, carpet, and toys. Here's what was left when we discovered the...situation.


  1. If it is anything like the stuff we use for my daughter's hair, it was a joy to clean up!

  2. Well, that explains the consistency.