Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boys Having Babies?

Our son is a huge fan of the Narnia movies and, hopefully soon, the books. I plan to start reading them to him in the near future. We only own The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe so I borrowed Prince Caspian from the library. Whenever he watches either of the films, he puts on his plastic armor set, stands in the front of the television, and swings his sword around as though he is part of the epic battles between good and evil.

Prince Caspian needs to go back to the library by Thursday so I'm letting him watch it one more time. It opens with a brief labor and delivery scene. I just had the following conversation.

G: Why is he yelling?
Me: Who?
G: That man?

The only person making any noise at all was the woman in labor.

Me: That's a girl.
G: (laughing) No it isn't. It's a man!
Me: Right there? (pointing) That is a woman.
G: No. (By this time the baby had been born.)
Me: Garrett, boys don't have babies.
G: (pause) Oh. Yeah. Why is she yelling?
Me: Well, because it hurts to have a baby.

But, of course, he can't be bothered with the details of babies. He's way too busy waiting for battle.


  1. If it HAD been a man giving birth, the yelling would definitely been much much worse! Ever hear of the "man cold"? Well, imagine a man birth? oy!

  2. I have all the books if you want to borrow them.