Saturday, May 29, 2010

Vocabulary Lesson

Neither of my boys were early talkers. Oh, don't worry, The Rock Star's more than made up for it in the last two years. He went from only a few words before his second birthday to speaking in sentences, paragraphs and monologues by the time he was two and a half. So I'm hardly worried about my youngest. I know that his constant babbling will turn into words soon enough. But, for his sake, I hope he starts talking sooner rather than later because he is getting so frustrated with his limited ability to communicate.

A list of the boy's vocabulary at 15 months.

Garrett (da-dit)
dog! (always with an exclamation)
bye bye (die die--always accompanied by a flapping of his hand)

And that's about it. He said nana (banana) once or twice but then promptly decided that pointing at them and shouting unintelligibly was easier for him.

Oh well. I guess my children have more important things to do than talk early. They'd rather learn how to do stairs and scale toy boxes and climb anything in sight. Sigh...