Monday, May 10, 2010


My boy can recognize all of his uppercase letters now. When my mom was here, and he officially completed the task, she bought him a reward toy. He chose a Playskool Dinoroar Hatchling. After much debate he landed on the pterodactyl. When you press his tongue he makes tiny little baby dinosaur sounds.

I told him it was called a pterodactyl. Somehow, in his three-year-old mind, that translated to Terribledactyl. He took it to show and tell. His teacher thought it was the cutest pronunciation ever. I said, "I know. There are some words you tell them how to say correctly and others that you want them to keep saying wrong forever."

This afternoon Troy and The Rock Star were playing Lincoln Logs and, in true boy fashion, a giant pterodactyl came to, I don't know, attack the homestead or something. As I washed dishes I heard Garrett screaming something about, "Run away, look out for the terribledactyl!"

And then I forbid him to turn four.


  1. Oh, I am SO with you on this one! I cannot bear to correct Zoe on a few of my favorites that she says... "Disleyland, canturgaging (discouraging), pisquetthi (spaghetti), God you wain (reign), and so on. My heart nearly broke when she stopped saying "geil" for girl. Can't we shelac them or something to keep them little?

  2. My little great nephew is one smart cookie! I work in a kindergarten class, and I think there are only two or three kids in there that can recognize all of their letters, and this is the end of the school year! Of course, this is a class with 90%+ english language learners, absolutely no parent support from home, and extremely economically disadvantaged. Two and a half strikes against them just starting out. That's why I love my job...sometimes I feel like those of us who work with these kids during the day are the only ones who care about their academic progress. Garrett is lucky to have parents who care and work with him! (Plus, he's a genius!)

  3. Lori,

    I left you a bloggie award over at my place.