Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Burnese Mountain Dog

Today was busy. It started with a tee ball game. I had to fly solo because Troy was preparing for the wedding. Next I threw the boys into the car and went to the church. Once at the church I changed Garrett out of his tee ball clothing and into attire appropriate for a wedding. Then I kept the boys as quiet as I could during the wedding and then we attended the reception. I'd planned on putting Matthew down for a nap in the church nursery but the guys had used that particular space as their dressing room. So Matthew enjoyed his first ever complete day without a nap. (He did sleep for about ten minutes in the car at one point.) When the reception was over we headed to a retirement party for a member of our church.

Garrett was tired. Matthew was exhausted--although, in very good spirits all things considered. I was pretty wiped out myself. As I stood talking to someone and keeping an eye on my oldest child, Troy exited the house and joined me in the backyard. He was holding Matthew. When they entered the yard another party goer declared, "Oh my goodness! He is SO cute. Oh what a sweet face. He's adorable." I started to turn to thank the woman for the compliments she was paying my son. Before I could open my mouth, she continued. "He looks just like a Bernese Mountain Dog."

In a fraction of a second I had so many thoughts. I could honestly not believe that this woman I'd never met was comparing my son to a dog. How does one even respond to that?

Thankfully, I didn't have to. Just then I happened to glance down. There, running past my feet, was an adorable puppy resembling, you guessed it, a Bernese Mountain Dog.


  1. oh yes that would be something my daughter would do. admire the animals before noticing there are people present.

  2. Whew! :)

    When my sister had her first child, and my parents first grandchild, I went to meet him at their home. He was cute as could be, and had a head full of dark hair. I said, "He looks like a little monkey!" I meant nothing more than he was too cute. My mom almost decked me!

  3. I can picture your face at the precise moment those words were uttered and I am rolling! Sigh. I miss you!

  4. I bet that woman was my mother or sister in law...they just happened to be at a retirement party at the same time (was it TW's?). Amber is a Vet. and Patty is an animal lover too. That's pretty funny.