Friday, May 28, 2010

I Forgot To Mention the Broccoli

Last night we had broccoli on the side of our macaroni and cheese. I didn't mention that part of the cuisine. And Matthew decided that he doesn't like broccoli. It's, like, the one food we've found that he doesn't inhale in a fraction of a second. Every time I turned around he would pull a piece out of his mouth and put it back on his plate. Eventually I grew weary of this routine, took his plate, chopped the broccoli up, and mixed it into his macaroni. I'm sure he couldn't even taste it. There was much more macaroni than broccoli and he ended up wolfing it down with wild abandon. BUT. When I gave him his plate back he looked down at it, looked up at me, looked down at his plate again, looked back up at me, and proceeded to shoot me the most resigned look. It was as if to say, "Well played you broccoli loving lady. Well played."


  1. ha hahah haaa, clever little lad.

  2. hahahahaha! So well written. So funny.