Tuesday, May 11, 2010

In Need of Summer

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It is not supposed to be raining and cold on May 11. It's just not. I'm from southern California, yo! (It felt like a "yo" moment.) In southern California it's summer by now. Here in Utah, it's practically still winter.

The upside: Chai while I blog. Yum.


  1. I totally agree. If it makes you feel better its all overcast, cold, and cloudy here in R-town today. Brrr. 63 degrees is wayyy too cold for So Cal! :P


  2. I've been in Utah longer than you've been on the planet, and even I think it shouldn't be cold on May 11. I had slush with my rain this morning. Enough to pile up on the cars. Joanna

  3. Actually, it's not warm here either, but it's supposed to be by the weekend. Maybe it will warm up at your house too.

  4. Word homie.

    (I don't know, your "yo" got me going)