Friday, May 14, 2010

Cookie Dough

My boy likes to bake, likes to do anything, really, if it involves the kitchen. He always wants to be up on the counter and asks, every night and several times a day, if he can climb up for a mission. I don't know why, exactly, making dinner is classified as a mission.

On this particular day he asked if we could bake cookies for the neighbors who were so hospitable to us on the day that we experienced the gas EMERGENCY!

I'm a sucker for thanking people with the gift of cookies. I should do it more often.

The Rock Star is just a sucker for cookies which, it should be tragically noted, he now pronounces correctly. Gone are the days where he requests tookies.

He really does like to help with every, single, aspect of the cookie making. But his favorite part...

Well, his favorite part is my favorite part. Still. To this day. Forget the fact that I'm an adult now and eating the dough should have ceased to be my favorite part at least a decade and a half ago.

Sometimes he has to close his eyes. It's that good.

I know, son. I know. Heaven is a place with vast quantities of cookie dough.

It's alright, kid. I promise I'm not going to take your beater. But, in the interest of full disclosure, it's only because you've gotten it all wet and slobbery. Even so I'm having a hard time restraining myself.
Few things are cuter than kids covered in cookie dough. Look. It's even on his nose.

Do you see this cookie dough licking tongue action? He learned everything he knows from me.

And now we interrupt this segment to bring you another topic altogether. Those eyes...

When I was pregnant, one of our biggest wonders, aside from his gender, was what color his eyes would be. Troy has blue eyes and I have brown. The jury is still out, I'm telling ya. My in laws had eight grandchildren with blue eyes and then this kid was born. When he emerged his eyes were black. I'm not even kidding. Now, if he wears green, they are green. Sometimes they are a kind of steely shade. So, what would you put on your driver's license?
They look a little brown in these pictures but they aren't. I promise.
Now we return to our regularly scheduled program. Something about cookie dough...


  1. Hazel. That's what you put on his driver's license. Mine change with what color I'm wearing too. Joanna
    P.S. My verification word is "scoptin." If you pronounce it SCOOPTIN, it sounds like something to do with making cookies.

  2. Ptecious, precious, precious. Maybe I should run and make cookies for the pit bull.

  3. I would think "Hazel" is the closest thing.

  4. I'd say hazel too. Very handsome. :)

  5. Those that love to eat cookie dough will never grow out of it. Every time I make cookies I put a spoonful in the fridge for Chris. He would be happy if I didn't bake any of the cookie dough. Watching Garret eat that dough is making me hungry for cookies. Maybe I should bake some.

  6. He's so adorable, I like the picture with his eyes closed, too cute. I love baking cookies too, just made ginger cookies, yummy!

  7. Cookie dough is one of the best inventions of all time. Sometimes Heather makes dough and we never even make the cookies. We just have a giant bowl of refrigerated cookie dough. And for about a week, all is right with the world.

  8. I still thinking eating the cookie dough is much better than eating the actual cookies. I like that he's wearing his "ring security" t-shirt too :)