Monday, May 31, 2010

Grandma DeDe

The boys just spent the long weekend with their Grandma DeDe and had a great time. She took us to Rock Creek Pizza, The Rock Star's most favorite restaurant, and treated all of us to a day at Discovery Gateway. The boys (and, truth be told, the adults) had a great time at the museum.

On Sunday Garrett and I both got icky colds with low fevers and we were kind of down for the count. Garrett fell asleep at 7:00 pm but Matthew stayed up and played with his Grandma. He had a blast.

Matthew's birthday was in February and we saved all the money he got and put it toward a big wooden swing set. Garrett's birthday is in July and we suggested, to those who usually give him a gift, that a donation toward the swing set would be a great idea. We decided to go ahead and get it now so that they could enjoy it for the summer. It arrived on Thursday night (thanks Jeremy for your help with picking it up!) and while DeDe was here we did an inventory of all the parts. (We're missing one swing chain and hopefully Walmart is taking care of it.) We also bought a sealant and sealed all 190+ pieces of wood. DeDe was a wonderful help with this both in actual application of the sealant and in corralling the kids.

I had a picture here of all the wood but I realized at the last minute that one of our license plates was clearly visible. Since I know of at least one axe murderer who reads this blog, I figured I should take it down until I have the time to crop the vehicle out of the shot.


My kiddos and my husband had a great time seeing their grandma/mom. And now she has to fly home to the rainy state.

"Have a safe flight, Grandma. We'll miss you."

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  1. While reading this Tyson come up and say hey I wanna play with those guys, Matthew is my best friend. Let us know when we can invade your space for a swingset play date.