Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leaf Leaf

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This morning I choked on my water, nearly sending a mouthful of liquid flying across the room when my oldest son said, "Mommy, are we going to adopt another baby soon?"

I replied, "Probably not."

"But Mommy," he began, with urgency in his voice, "I really want to have another baby in this house. Buddy is getting big."

"Well, yeah," I answered, "but I like our family just the way it is."

He kept pleading with me.

And then I broke into hives, hyperventilated and developed several nervous ticks.

Later I asked him, "Garrett, if we ever had another baby, would you want it to be a boy or girl?"

"A boy," he replied. Of course. Because, clearly, adding so much as a female anything around here would cause the house to explode on account of all the estrogen.

"What would we name it?"

"Well, we just need to wait and see. You would give it a name when it came out of your tummy."

"Oh. So this baby would come out of mommy's tummy?" I questioned.

"Yeah," he smiled, "And we would sing I'm waiting. I'm waiting on you, Lord."

I smiled at his sweet little voice, "Alright, well, if you could name a baby boy what would you name him?"

"You have to name it. But, if I did it, I'd name him Baby Leaf Leaf."

Oh dear.


  1. At least he's not insisting that he gets to name the next baby. Too funny! Joanna

  2. I still think you will have another baby too. One from your tummy. I hope its a girl and her middle name could be something like Grace or Faith or Paitence something like that. ;)

  3. Is it wrong that I was hoping this was the announcement of a new baby joining your family in a half dozen months or so? :)