Tuesday, April 1, 2008

What? Another Picture?

If you haven't already, please read my blog about Infertility Advocacy Day! This issue is extremely dear to my heart, please show your support through prayers and through awareness.

As promised, here are a few of the rejected Red Thing ideas:

* table runner (the Magic Scarf just would not proportion itself properly)

* Christmas bow (it just ended up looking like a big giant blob on top of a Christmas box)

* dress (The Red Thing was so porous that it would have needed a full body red slip underneath)

* negligee/lingerie (oh how it would have worked but this is supposed to be a family friendly blog)

* tube top (there was just not enough to hold the garment in place. This is a direct result of using my body to feed my infant son)

*leg warmers (this would have worked quite well if there had been two of them)

I have an announcement to make. Because of popular demand I have decided to continue the run of The Red Thing*. Pictured below is a little piece of modern photography that I like to call The Emerging Fury.

This picture happened sometime near the beginning of The Red Thing Phenomenon. I was trying to use Garrett as a model for something, perhaps the cummerbund. He was kneeling on my bed and, as I tried to take the picture, he began thrashing in an attempt to GET IT OFF OF ME RIGHT NOW. I hadn't checked the setting of the camera and, instead of being on the normal setting, it was on one we never use. This picture resulted. I think it is interesting that his arms have disappeared. I also think it looks like he is emerging from a cocoon. Furthermore, the features of his face remind me so very much of his ultrasound pictures. In it's totality, I find this photograph, though a complete accident, to be completely fascinating.

*April Fool's! While I had a great time blogging about The Red Thing, I am running out of ideas. This is the final installment. I encourage you all to run out and purchase one for your own self. Perhaps you can come up with other uses for this garment. Remember to accessorize with abandon.

As a final parting, I'd love it if you responded with an answer to the following question. The choices were selected based upon popularity in the comments section. You can click each link if you don't remember what they looked like:

My favorite Red Thing episode was
A. Troy wearing a Fred Flintstone tie
B. Lori in the burqa
C. Garrett as a Super Hero
D. The Fuzzy Steering Wheel Cover
E. Lori as Juliet Capulet
F. None of the above (please choose your favorite)


  1. D- the fuzzy steering wheel cover

  2. F. - none of the above. The toilet seat cover, was my all time favorite. I've always loved those things (toilet seat covers), though they should be called toilet LID covers, because, ew, that would be gross.

  3. B - Lori in the Burqa, all the way!

  4. Of the list provided I say a tie between the Fred Flinestone tie and the Burqa. But seriously, I loved the toddler sleeping bag, because he LIKED it, he stayed in it after the photo was taken...that my dear friend, is worthy of "The Best".

  5. Mr. Flintstone gets the vote.


  6. My favorite Red Thing was Garrett as "Brother Josiah of the Monastic Order". He looked so cute and funny with the red thing draped all about him.

    A very close second was the burqa one; I couldn't figure out how that worked. I also loved it because of the real burqa picture you posted, and the hilarious description of "See hunny, there's your mommy, second burqa from the left" - or something like that. Made me laugh out loud.

    I will miss the Red Thing.

  7. No more Red Thing? Sadness abouds at my desk. I agree with Heather, its all about G-Man wanting to be a monk. Hilarious. I am also curious as to how the Red Thing was made into a steering wheel cover. It baffles my mind and, I think, defies the laws of physics.

  8. F. - none of the above. I was a major fan of the sleeping bag! Garrett looked so content in it. Although I did greatly appreciate the husband's willing participation in many of these fine creations, so the Flinstone Tie does come in a happy second!

  9. E--Lori as Juliet. Not just pictures, but a movie!

  10. have to go with the steering wheel cover.

  11. Steering wheel from the choices you gave. However, my real true fav was the toilet seat cover.