Thursday, April 3, 2008

Loot & Bell Peppers

So last night I debated going to MOPS today. See, yesterday, Garrett was whiny and tired and had three horrendous diapers where, let's just say, bad things happened. I didn't want to take a sick kid to the nursery but he seemed alright when he got up so we headed over. And boy am I glad we did. We have opportunity baskets (raffles) and I won! For the grand total of five dollars, look at the loot I brought home. Not pictured: One loofah scrubby thingy because I gave it to Brenda because she was really the rightful owner of half of my plunder. See, we each got six tickets and there was a strip that I ripped in half and gave her half of. If she'd been in possession of my half, this would all be hers. I informed her that she should take whatever she wanted because I wouldn't use up all that bath stuff in the course of two years. She wouldn't take anything. Until I forced a loofah scrubby thingy upon her. Otherwise, the contents include, another loofah scrubby thingy, bar soaps, a bath pillow, a hair towel, a regular towel, a washcloth, a candle, a delicious smelly potpourri thing, sprays, bubble baths, liquid hand soap, a wooden counter decoration, a sponge, lotion, a giant basket and I think that might be all. But I could be forgetting something. Plus, for my five dollars, I got the following:
Pictured above is the kiddo booty. It included: A plastic basket, dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste, bubble bath, kid soap, a book, ducky no slip grip things, a dolphin and her three bath time babies, a fishy loofah scrubby thingy, a watch for potty training, and an Edibles Gift Certificate. It was kind of like, for five dollars, Garrett and I threw ourselves a birthday party. Speaking of The Dictator, he did the weirdest thing yesterday. We had a couple of baby red bell peppers leftover from a veggie tray and, as a joke, I handed him one. I thought, for sure, that he would taste it and make a horrid face. I would then take it back into my possession and give him a cookie or something else that might be easier on a baby's tongue and tummy than bell peppers. This is what happened.

I know you are thinking that I caused his wretched diapers but he'd already had those. He just thought were scrumptious and, other than flecks of bright red pepper skin in his diaper this afternoon, he didn't seem to show any signs of difficulty digesting. He ended up eating both of them!


  1. What cracks me up about that video is all of you saying "oh, he's gonna be so sick" as you watch him eat the peppers. And thanks for the loofah, but you really were the rightful winner--it could have gone either way.

  2. Thats my nephew! Tell him I say, "Good job showing those women what real men eat."