Friday, April 11, 2008


So yesterday's post about that one awful day in Israel prompted this response from my husband:

T: I cared and I was within earshot.

Me: Um. Come again?

T: Your blog. I read it. I cared.

Me: Oh. Of course YOU cared. I meant that no one else cared. (pause) Should I clear that up?

T: I just don't want people to think I'm a terrible husband. I would have stayed back with you but I couldn't, being the tour leader and all.

Me: I'll fix it. You're not a terrible husband.

T: I was really sad, too.

He went on to tell me that I should just make a post script at the bottom of the previous blog but I figured I'd put it here so that no one missed it. It certainly wasn't my intention to imply that my husband was trying to blow off my meltdown. On the contrary, he was and is my rock.


We tried to take a picture of Garrett's black eye today. The bruising has settled into a deep purple line with some light purple around it. Since his idea of, "close your eyes, Garrett," is to cover his eyes with his hands, Troy had to take the picture while I held his eye closed. He liked that about as much as he'd like getting nipped at by crocodiles. And, of course, the end result doesn't do the eye justice. But you get the idea. He's rough and tumble, that kid.What you can also see in this picture is that my hands are drier than the freakin' Sahara. I thought skin couldn't get flakier than it does in Ramona. I thought wrong. You can also see that my fingernails are whittled down to just about nothing. Typically the shortness of my nails has a direct correlation to my stress level. So, hmmm, the Great House Purchasing Debacle of 2004 needs to fix itself now, among other things. I apologize to those with strong nail biting aversions or phobias (Joelle) for the state of my keratin.


  1. So glad you cleared that up. I was about to have Kevin pick him up and carry him into our marriage class.

  2. Ok, you don't know me and I don't really know you but I used to work at Sea World with your brother and one time several months ago he put a link to your page in regards to a very funny poopie diaper posting. My name is Jen and well, anyway, that blog was so funny that when I was bored one day several weeks later and I saw your url still saved in web browser and I checked back. That was right about the time you started with the red thing, and well, I was hooked.
    Now I swear I am not a stalker or anything I just really enjoy your blog. I myself am a Navy wife who originaly came from Ohio and I find myself able to relate so much to some of your blogs, especially since you are now far from home. I also need to tell you that I struggle sometimes with my own faith and the way you calmy discuss your own trust in the Lord frankly inspires me. Actually, that is one of the really cool things I thought about your brother when we still both worked at Sea World.

    My husband is currently deployed to the persian gulf and I've been checking in on your blog more frequently lately. I've wanted to comment to you but didn't want you think I'm nuts. But, this story touches my heart so deeply I just need to say something. Because my hubby is away, our own "baby plans" have been put on hold (again)until he comes home even though we've been married a good 5 years. But, a few years ago, when we were living in Japan, we were very much trying and I had a very similar experience to the one you described. One month, I was over a month late, my whole body seemed weird and had several positive home tests early on. But then I started got negatives from the doctor. I'm not sure if I had false positives or if my hormone levels just bottomed out because something was wrong... but I was devasted and there wasn't anybody who understood my disappointment. It was bad enough for me that we even stopped trying for a good year afterward, which brings me to the present and the fact that he is not here at all. Now, I've never been diagnosed infertile and I'm probably not going to struggle with a situation like yours, but I do know just how you felt. I'm sorry for what you went through, but I rejoice in the fact that you finally in the end did get your little miracle. I hope you are blessed again soon. Anyway, keep up the awesome writing, its a fun read.

  3. I do find it incredibly entertaining that you apologized for your state of your fingernails :) And I feel so honored to be named and linked within a blog! :) Although it puts me to shame at my failure of ready bloging...

  4. You should invest in a pair of night time sleeping gloves. Really. You may laugh, and others around you may make fun of you for sleeping with gloves on, but I swear, you put a good lotion on your hands, then the gloves, and go to sleep and it will help. My sister bought me some from Bed Bath and Beyond when I was doing my internship because my hands were literally cracking off, and it worked. Just a thought.