Monday, April 21, 2008

21 months!

Yesterday our little lad hit 21 months. Time seems to be moving at lightning speed because I remember, quite clearly, when he was just a wishful figment of my imagination. This morning we weighed and measured him. He was 27.5 pounds and measured 33.75 inches. According to this website, that puts him in the 58 percentile for both. I guess that means that, even though he looks like a little chub, he's proportioned properly. It's nearly impossible to get a decent portrait of him these days, what with the cheesy grinning and all the wiggling and the busy busy business. I tried anyway.

This last one says it all. Doesn't the look on his face just scream, "This morning I took my diaper and my pajama bottoms off because I was tired of being in a wet diaper. As a result of this I urinated all over myself and had to have a shower with my daddy. My mommy had to do an unexpected load of laundry because my bedding was all tinkly. Also I played in the sandbox that might actually be an old compost pile and I rubbed sand on my tummy and put fistfuls of dirt into my diaper repeatedly. Also I threw another fit this morning. But then I smiled like this and my eyes sparkled with mischief and my mommy practically devoured me in one bite."

I'll tell you one thing though, if this kid keeps taking off his diaper and using his mattress as a urinal, he's going to have a crash course in potty training. But it's true, sometimes when I look at him, all I see is a giant ice cream sundae with whipped cream on top and I want to eat him up.


  1. 2 words.
    Duct. Tape.

    My dear friend of triplets had to DUCT TAPE those diapers on at that age. At first just over the velcro tabs , then around the whole waist, then around the waist and down like a harness, because they would rip them at the crouch to get them off,I am not kidding. BUT...she survived, they are now in their teens! :o

  2. Man that kid is cute. Seriously!

    And I love the "tinkly" story. I agree with carol though, I had to duct tape in the past. Yep, you gotta do what you gotta do.

  3. the boy is totally cute. and I too, see my kids as huge ice cream sundaes....they love this, of course! I have to agree with the duck tape thing, do whatever you have too! :o)

  4. Remember, you are THE PARENT. You win. Do what it takes.