Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Project

So awhile back, I made a craft at MOPS. I liked it a lot and decided to modify the project to make a wall hanging for my parents with pictures of two of their trips to Hawaii. I had so much fun making that one that I made a few more for gifts. I had so much fun making those that I decided to make some more. However, I don't actually need bajillions of these things hanging from my walls so I'm going to try to sell them. The fun thing about this is that I can make just about anything. So, let's say you saw these and had an idea for one that would be great in your home or your kid's room or something. Well, you could either make one yourself or you could ask me to make it for you. I really like doing it and it gives me kind of a creative outlet while Garrett is napping. You know, other than blogging. Anyway, I have pictures of the ones that I currently have for sale. They are $10.00 plus shipping (probably 2-3 bucks) if you live somewhere that is not in my new neck of the woods. I apologize for the bright glow in most of them, the flash reflects back in the metal. These come complete with a hanging device on the back and two of the strongest magnets ever, to hold the picture. What is great about these is that you can change the picture super easily just by removing the magnets and then replacing them on top of the new picture. Believe me when I say that you could set this outside during a brutal windstorm and your picture would not fly away. These are crazy good magnets. I can make one in just about any color and just about any theme. They are approximately 9.5 x 7 inches, although I could make any size. Each of the ones that are for sale feature pictures of my family but that is only so that you can see what they look like with a picture on them.
This one is light blue and perfect if you enjoy the nautical theme or you have been on a luxury cruise liner and want to feature a picture of your time in the Bahamas or you own a yacht or you like the ocean and enjoy boats.
Some people think that happiness is being a cowboy, or riding horses, or maybe being an outlaw. I am not really one of these people but I'm sure someone has a western theme in their home.
For a kid's room. Or, well, maybe a paleontologist.
This one is good for a girl's room. Or a boy who likes pink flowers. This one also has a flower applied to the top corner of the metal.

I can find many different wooden accents if you want something specific but these are the ones I currently have just waiting for a project:
purple flower on green stem
pink & purple flower on green stem
horse with saddle
baseball glove with baseball inside
yellow butterfly
purple & pink butterfly
pail & shovel
train engine

They make a good gift or room accent. Let me know if you just have to have one. Also, I don't really have a name for them yet so, if you have no interest in them whatsoever but want to help me name my new craft, just post a suggestion in the comment section. That is also where you should tell me if you would like one. Make sure you leave a valid email address unless we're good buddies and I already know everything there is to know about you.


  1. I think those are adorable! We are considering moving to SLC (our unmarried 28 year old Christian son lives there...) and I have a ban on acquiring anything right now.

    A suggestion for name:

    "Latest Attractions"


    "Changable Icons"

    (ya, not great...but a start, right?)

    If we wind up in SLC, I'm definitely going to look you up!

  2. Those are awesome! If you're wanting to reach even more of the masses, check out:

    It's like eBay for homemade goodies, minus the auction. I have made cards that I'm selling on there and they only charge you $0.20 for the listing and I think 3.5% of the sale price. You can make your own shipping prices, too. It's pretty inspiring, there are things like jewelry, clothing, pottery, photography, etc. etc.

    Let me know what you think of it!