Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Hereditary

Last night, for reasons I won't go into, was an emotional evening for me. It was one of those times when you look at your husband, sitting there at the end of the couch, and you crawl over to him, bury your head in his lap and thank the Lord God Almighty over and over again for bringing him to you. It was one of those times when finances and infertility and hard water just didn't matter, they were trivial compared to what I was feeling. And in that one moment I was so head over heels in love with that man, and with the fact that we both love the same God, that I wouldn't have cared if we were living in a one room shack with no heat as long as I had him. (In that one moment, mind you. I'd have a hard time really living with no heat. Unless I was living in Chad). I always love my husband, but I cherish the times when it dawns on me that 4.5 years later, not only do I love him more, I love him different. I still miss him when he's gone and I still long to be in his presence, but it's comfortable. I can lay my head in his lap and just be still. I can dance around the house like a crazy loon. I can be the person I am, entirely. The fact that God gave him to me and together we navigate the crud just never ceases to amaze me.

This video is maybe almost two minutes long, so if you've got two minutes to spare I recommend it. It is further evidence of the fact that "The Cleaning Gene" is hereditary. After dinner last night (Troy was at a meeting) I said, "Hey Garrett, do you want to help me clean up?" He sprinted over to the closet, got out the mop, and started pushing it around the floor. I didn't have the camera on, of course, but I tried to recreate it. See for yourselves. I am aware of the fact that my voice is still high pitched and annoying. I have been working on it but, I've done an investigation and determined that the boy responds to me only when I talk in an octave higher than normal. When he has better communication skills we will sit down and have a lengthy discussion about this. I do not intend to talk in all matters of shrill when he gets older. For the time being, turn off your sound or ignore me. Please.


  1. having a partner for whom you feel what you described is a precious gift.

  2. You'd better hope that cleaning thing lasts. But, I fear that it won't. He won't be such a big helper when he's a teenager.

  3. You never know, G could be the next Mr Clean - without the bald head and bulging muscles. :)
    I love what you said about being still. I totally get it.

  4. When you are courting, you think it can't get any better than this. The same feeling comes when you are just married. After almost 16 years, I can't believe how good it has been, how it is always getting better, and know it will only continue to get better. Love grows and changes. So many people miss that in their marriages. It makes me sad. But I am so glad you get it. Joanna