Friday, September 30, 2011

Pampering+Chocolate+Praise=Amen & Amen

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Tonight, the conference begins. Of course, it's my understanding that tonight is a pampering time and free dinner for ministry wives followed by prayer and praise and chocolate! What about that doesn't appeal to my heart? Nothing. All of that just sounds like a little slice of heaven on earth.

Pampering=Even better.
Chocolate=Now we're talking.
Prayer & Praise= Hallelujah!

Few things warm my soul as quickly as the gathering of evangelical Christian believers in this valley. I'm so excited for this weekend. Several days ago I was praying and I just kept asking God to show up this weekend. In the quietness of my heart I felt Him impress upon me, "Expect it." It was a somewhat startling response, actually.

I started thinking about it. Why wouldn't I expect Him to show up? Why would I feel like only my heartfelt begging would make the Lord present? He's going to have the captive attention of 125+ women, to think He might not show up is preposterous. So I'm expecting Him to make His presence known in a powerful way. And I'm praying that He'll use me to accomplish His will.

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  1. Too often we pray, not really expecting God to do anything. Expect it. Watch for it. Praise Him for it. (Always remembering that what we think He's going to do is most likely not what He's going to do.)