Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hanging Out

It was picture time for tee ball so Troy took The Rock Star last night. They headed off to get photos taken and then went straight to Kid's Club at the church.

It was just me and a very spaghetti sauce covered boy left at the house. After his bath, we got ready to head over to Walmart to pick up a new shower curtain liner. As I put The Little Buddy into clothes he asked, "Where daddy go?"

"He had to leave," I said simply. This kid hates when his daddy leaves. He hates when his daddy leaves and takes his brother even more.


"Do you want to go to the store with me?" I asked.

"Ye-ah!" He squealed, emphasis on the ye.

We had a great time together just walking through Walmart. Usually he has to ride in the cart but since we didn't need a cart last night he got to toddle. He pointed a chubby finger at anything and everything. "Yook ah dat!"

At one point, while I was deciding which liner to get, he laid on the floor. Gross. I know. He started wiggling around. "I foating mommy! I foating." I'm still unsure exactly what he was doing but I'm pretty sure he thought he was floating.

After about forty minutes, we returned home. As soon as we entered the house he looked around and then asked, "Where Gehwit?"

Oh, you know, he's upstairs, livin' it up. I decided to be a horrible mother and leave him home alone for nearly an hour. "He left with daddy, so we get to hang out together" I said. It cracked me up that he actually thought we'd left Garrett.

"Oh. Okay. Gehwit wit daddy. We hang ow."

I love watching his little mind working.

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