Friday, September 16, 2011

Funny Business

I didn't have kids so that I could laugh out loud on a regular basis. But it's certainly a perk.

The other night Garrett fell asleep in my bed. When I crawled in, a couple hours later, to snuggle with him before Troy moved him to his own bed, he stirred. For a moment or two he mumbled and repositioned. Then, he suddenly sat straight up, looked into my eyes and shouted, "Mom, how do you say mantis in Spanish?"

I began laughing hysterically as I answered truthfully, "I have no idea."

Yesterday we were driving in the car and The Rock Star saw a digital sign. As it changed pictures he exclaimed, "Well, that's an awfully flashy sign." I think it was advertising car service. If he thinks that's flashy, it's a good thing he seems to have his head buried in a book every time we drive through Vegas.

Today, when I picked him up from school, he got in the car laughing. "What's funny?" I asked. There is another Garrett in his class and the other one had already been picked up. Apparently, when Other Garrett's ride arrived they called my Garrett and ushered him toward the door saying, "Your Grandpa's here." I imagined that there was a moment of extreme elation followed by a very big disappointment when my boy realized that his grandpa wasn't waiting for him. "Did you think your Grandpa came to pick you up?" I asked him.

"No," he said, still laughing. "I looked out the window and said, 'That's not my Grandpa.'"

Not to be left out, Matthew caused quite a stir in Target last week when he saw a frog themed bathroom set. "Fuhgk! Fuhgk!" He screamed in excitement. Turns out his word for frog is very similar to his word for fork. A man walked by. If looks could kill he would have slain me for teaching my child the mother of all cuss words.

"Yes, Matthew," I said. "It is a frog. Let's maybe not be quite so loud about it though."


  1. HIS Grandpa would have loved to have picked him up from school! I'm glad he wasn't upset.

  2. Lol that is too funny! That reminds me of a time when Tia was on Kindergarden and I was there for a harvest party they had. There was another Tia at the school,but in a different class. They called into my Tia's class and said for her to come to the office because her ride was there and the Teacher and I looked at each other and burst out laughing, I was like who's here trying to get my baby!....Her teacher nitified her that she'd called the wrong class because my Tia's mom was there in the class eating baked pumpkin seeds for the first time.