Saturday, September 3, 2011

Swami's Shark

Swami's is a surf spot in the San Diego area. It's incredibly close to the area we went beach camping a month ago. I mean, a couple miles away at best.

Several days ago this photo was taken:

A shark expert says that it's a 10-12 foot great white.

It didn't attack or even bump anyone.

One lifeguard on the news report said that it's another surfer duck diving, with his leg up. I'm not a surfer but I feel like the dude would be lower on the wave if it was a duck dive. I also feel like he's probably missing a foot. And he seems to thicken up around the waist. In general, if this is a surfer, he's trying his hardest to resemble a shark.

It could be photo shopped, I suppose.

But if there's a great white hanging around Encinitas, I'm kinda glad we were beach camping last month instead of this month. Because I can't keep my five-year-old out of the water and I like it better when white sharks aren't lurking about.

I'll take him to the pool tomorrow. I've never heard of a white shark being there.


  1. I'm kindof shark-creeped out since we JUST watched Soul Surfer.. So thanks for this post lol It looks pretty Photoshopped to me... Who knows though!

  2. Yeah they had the beaches closed around there recently. I remember hearing something on the radio about a shark. I agree it's a shark, I think that lifeguard is crazy.

  3. Yikes! That scares me! Even if it is photoshopped (which I do have a hard time believing anything I see in photos online anymore). We are going to the pool tomorrow too. Perhaps we will meet up and play! :)