Saturday, October 1, 2011

Heard Around Here

If you've been here for longer than a month, you know that my youngest son has a problem with cussing. He really likes to make the words fork and frog sound like the mother of all curse words. Well, you can add ass to the list of words he likes to say.

I needed to get gas after I picked Garrett up from preschool. "Okay," I said. "Let's go get some gas!" Matthew is at that stage where he repeats everything. Garrett was so proficient at repeating that it earned him the nickname "Echo" and I remember those days well. From the backseat, I heard Matthew's tiny voice say, "Yet's go git suh gas." Except that gas was distinctly missing its g.

Yeah. That is not a sentence I want to hear coming out of the mouth of my two-year-old.

Garrett asks a lot of questions. We've always been very determined to answer his questions with age appropriate responses but not to lie to him or say that we'll tell him when he's older. He started asking questions about childbirth at a very young age.

He always wants to know the details of his birth. Why did I have an oxygen mask on at one point? What, exactly, did I say to daddy while I was giving birth? How long did I stay in the hospital? Yesterday, over lunch and after another round of twenty questions, I fired one at him. "When you get married, do you think you'll have kids?"

"Yes," he replied, "everyone has kids."

"Well, not everyone."

"Some people can have as many kids as they want!" He informed me since he knows that mommy and daddy probably would have more if it was really that easy.

"Yes, that's true," I said. "I really hope that you can have as many kids as you want."

"Yeah. I think I'll have, maybe, fourteen," he smiled. I almost said something about how that's insane but I kept my mouth shut. After a moment or two his eyes got big.

"If I had fourteen kids I would need a huge table!" He exclaimed.

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