Friday, July 16, 2010

Not Sleeping in Tahoe

For all of you who regularly look forward to reading about the latest antics of the Rock Star and Little Buddy you undoubtedly realize that this blog is on temporary summer vacation as Lori and the boys are off to Lake Tahoe with her parents. I, the husband and father portion of this fishbowl family, am still home working. One of the benefits of Lori's job raising the boys is that she can take her job (and it certainly is work) with her even to places like Lake Tahoe. So while Lori is off enjoying her week with the boys and parents I can hijack her blog to give you an update.

Now, I don't pretend to be as entertaining as my wife, but at least her loyal readers will have something to read while you wait for her return--at least a couple entries. I do get to join the family for a few days following the weekend. . . .

And this time I even have permission to write and won't be punished by a retaliatory blog like what happened here.

The family is having lots of fun. They are enjoying their time together at the lake. A certain would be rock star is having so much fun in fact that he is not letting anyone sleep in past the time of (cue drum roll) . . . six AM!

6:00 AM! On vacation! Seriously son we need to have a talk. Vacations are for fun and family, but they are also for rest. Remember I've told you that in the summer the sun gets confused and comes up too early. Just because the sun is up doesn't mean you have to be rousing the house for another day of adventure.

It would be one thing if you could quietly read the paper and make yourself some coffee. But you are not quiet (even when you try to be) and the cabin is so very small that your stirring disrupts everyone's slumber. This is a particular problem because while the adults can go back to sleep, Little Buddy often does not. Then he starts cackling and squealing and adding to the early morning not-so-merriment.

I talked to Lori this morning and the Rock Star decided staying in bed until 6:00 AM made him too much of a sluggard. He decided to get up at 5:05, because after all the sun was already up and he couldn't be outdone by a gaseous ball of light and fire.

I'm thinking the Rock Star might need a new name. Aren't Rock Stars supposed to be up all night and sleep all day? . . . not that G staying up all night would make for a great vacation anyway.

. . . Suddenly I'm feeling better about not being included in this weeks escapades. Sure I may be stuck back home, going to work every day, but I get to sleep in past 6:00 AM . . . Lucky me!

Speaking of sleeping. The Rock Star may have inherited some of my sleeping quirks. Supposing this is true, the fishbowlwife will have sympathy for his future spouse. If you clicked on Lori's revenge link above, you know it was primarily a critique of my sleep preferences. Particularly ridiculed was the fact that I wrap a shirt around my eyes (so that its darker) and the fact that I like a fan running (happy white noise). I'd include a picture to make fun of myself but Lori took both cameras with her on vacation. I digress . . .

. . . a couple weeks ago when Garrett had the stomach flu he wanted to go to bed early, even though the sun had not fully dropped beneath the horizon. Apparently, he likes it to be dark when he sleeps as well--evidenced by this picture:

Of course the large bowl over his head was supposed to be used in case he woke up having to purge any more stomach contents. He thought it was better utilized as a sun shield. Maybe Lori and the rest of the family would be getting more sleep if they would have brought the white bowl. Or maybe, much to her chagrin, she will have to teach him to wrap a shirt around his face. Maybe this could get him to rest until a more reasonable time (like say 7:00 AM).


  1. thanks for this entertaining post, troy. love the picture! oh, and by the way, 6:00am is sleeping in for our family!

  2. hopefully with him waking up at 6 he is going to bed earlier. :)