Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eleven Days

Me: Hey buddy...
G: Hmmm?
Me: What should I blog about today?
G: Going in the water.
Me: What about going in the water?
G: Because I love water.
Me: Uh. Okay.

So this has nothing to do with water but on the way home from playing with a group of Garrett's friends today he declared, from the backseat, "I know what Grandpa was called when he was little." I asked him to supply the answer and he shouted, "Baby Grandpa!"

Me: Garrett, do you love Grandpa?
G: Uh huh. Why?
Me: Just wondering. When are you going to see him next?
G: At Lake Tahoe!
Me: What are you going to say when you see him?
G: Aloha!

I was afraid of that.

Me: What are you going to do with Grandpa at Lake Tahoe?
G: Go on the raft. Now please stop asking me so much because I'm watching a show.
Me: Oh okay. (pausing the show) What are you going to eat with Grandpa?
G: A hot dog.
Me: Are you going to do anything else fun?
G: Play with him!
Me: Are you going to push him in the water?
G: Uh huh. And even I'm going to jump in the water with him like I did last time. But do I have to cover my ears and my nose and my mouth?
Me: No. You just have to blow out. Are you excited about going to Lake Tahoe?
G: Uh huh.
Me: How many more days?
G: Two more.
Me: I wish. Do you remember how many days I told you this morning?
G: This many days. (he holds up ten fingers)
Me: Plus one of mommy's fingers.
G: Oh yeah.

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  1. Oh aren't boys the most wonderful thing in the world? Hee hee.
    So technical.

    Love it.