Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Funny Four-Year-Old

The Rock Star says some seriously funny things. Currently he is in the backyard with two neighbor boys. Our yard is littered with tiny plastic balls that resemble some sort of BBs. They've been here since we moved in and Garrett often finds them as he's frolicking around in the great outdoors. So he just found one and he ran up to the boys yelling, "Look what I found! It's a diabebe." For some reason he has the words BB and diabetes intermingled in his brain.

Another word that he says so adorably I've adopted it myself in the hopes that he'll say it for awhile longer is vitafin. We don't take vitamins around here. Nope. For us it's strictly vitafins.

He thinks the worms and slugs in the yard are his pets and he names them. His favorite was Gummy. Gummy was a dead slug. Do you think we were able to convince him that the slug was deceased? No way. That slug was just taking "a really long nap."

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  1. We've adopted cute words too! We call skeletons 'skelicans'. We also speak of 'possum-bilities' instead of possiblities. I keep a book for each kid and write down their funny sayings. I just posted some on my blog tonight. www.goodolegoodsons.blogspot.com