Saturday, July 17, 2010

Giving his regards . . .

Back in June we wrapped up Garrett's first year of preschool. It was only mornings two days a week but it was an excellent opportunity for him to meet children of the same age while learning his ABC's, numbers, and numerous songs. We were very pleased with the teachers and programs, and the Rock Star enjoyed his year very much.

It's hard to believe we're in the latter half of July already. Nevertheless, there were a couple of school happenings worthy of being documented in cyberspace. Firstly, the Rock Star had his end of the year, performance, a three and four year old Broadway revue. The kids performed many well known songs including "New York, New York," "So Long Farewell," and "Tomorrow." Although much of the performance was meant to be a surprise to the parents, the lyrics had been sung loudly and often at our house during weeks leading up to the actual show.

Of course as soon as the performance started, somewhere during the song pictured above, the Rock Star loudly declared that he had to go potty. Neat. Especially since we made him go less than fifteen minutes before the whole thing started just to avoid this from happening. As it turned out he was only the first to elicit his inner diva and declare that he was taking an unscheduled break. Before the program was over (less than an hour) at least a quarter of the kids had made a quick trip to the toilet.

Seriously, I don't know how the preschool teachers do it. Two children can be overwhelming, let alone a classroom full. And the teachers don't just get through the day, they get the herd of three and four year olds to learn and sing songs in a mostly organized fashion . . . all while teaching them how to recognize the letter H and identify what sound it makes.

Well, back to the pictures. Later that month, G got a chance to have a preschool drive-in movie in his own cardboard car:

Then of course there was a field trip to Wheeler Farm and an un-birthday celebration for all the kids who would miss having their special day commemorated during the school calendar year.

As you can see Garrett was quite in love with his un-birthday crown and he proudly continued wearing it at home.

Oh to be three again, when your days might be filled field trips, and singing, and dancing, watching movies in your own daddy-constructed vehicle and having a day celebrated in your honor for no special reason . . .

Then again, it might be even more of a privilege to be a parent and watch all this wonderment from the sideline.

Because sometimes being a parent is so much more than awesome. Especially when you're documenting the happy parts more than a month later. After all the daily frustrations have faded away and been forgotten and all that you're left with is your happy memories recorded in pictures.

And of course I can't leave out our other son who fills our days with awesome. Little Buddy is still waiting for his days of learning and merriment . . . scratch that . . . who is experiencing plenty of learning and merriment, just not at preschool quite yet.

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  1. I taught preschool for awhile. The key to my succcess (sanity) was that that the kids went home to their own parents after only 3 or 4 short hours and I usually had every other day off. Also, I love that they did an "Unbirthday" party. Must remember that for my own midsummer born kiddo.