Monday, July 5, 2010

Gotta Love the Glasses

This just in: I'm so allergic to this blasted state that I now get to use antihistamine drops every year from early May until late October. The upper eyelid infection has returned. Last week, when I'd take my contacts out, I'd feel like there was a finger or a plank stuck in my eye. On Thursday night I took them out and just didn't bother putting them back in. My right eye has continued to feel like I am the individual in the parable who needed to remove the log from her own eye before attempting to pull the speck out of another's.

I called the eye doctor this morning and got in at 11:15. I have to wear my glasses for another week while using an anti-inflammatory. Then I switch to the antihistamine. I've alternated between contemplating an eye patch and wanting to pop the thing out with a spoon. On Saturday I was about ready to pack my bags and head back to San Diego where I didn't spend a season and a half out of every year wanting to claw my eyes out.

I've never had any kind of allergies before. I'm not a fan.


  1. Raaaaghhlewer! I feel your pain. I too want to claw my eyes out. It's high season here and I'm taking antihistamine drops and allergy meds too. Sorry!

  2. No fun! I wear contacts, as well, and it is so annoying when they are sticky or feel gummer up . . . I can't imagine your allergies. Let's pray for nice moist eyeballs.

  3. Invest in some cute frames and love your glasses! All the cool chicks wear them!! :)

  4. When I first moved here I had the same issues. They get better and your allergy season will start to shrink and not be so intense. At least it did for me.