Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brian Head

This was in our newspaper, The Salt Lake Tribune, which, by the way, I am forever referring to as the "The Salt Lake Union Tribune" because the paper that I grew up with was called The San Diego Union Tribune and old habits die hard. Also, it should be noted that The San Diego Union Tribune is constantly sending me emails titled, We Want You Back! And I'm all, "Really?" Because I don't think any of your delivery people actually want to drive out here. Unless the paper is not actually talking about my business but is, instead, expressly begging me to return to San Diego. In that case, I had no idea I was so missed. Anyway, back to what I found in our paper this morning.

"Brokers drop sale price for Brian Head Ski Resort

Parowan>>Brokers have reduced the sale price for a southern Utah ski resort by nearly $6 million.

The original asking price for Brian Head Ski Resort was $34.75 million, but was reduced to $29 million three weeks ago.

A broker for the firm CB Richard Ellis Inc. says the price came down because of a slow market in resort real estate.

The resort near Parowan is currently running its regular summer activities, including mountain biking and ski lift rides.

General manager Henry Hornberger says even if the resort does not sell before the winter season begins, he expects it to be business as usual at the resort.

Brian Head Resort includes two mountains, nine lifts and 640 skiable acres on 53 runs."

I called my dad and asked him if he had 29 million dollars lying around. He asked if I'd found something I wanted to buy and I told him, "Brian Head." See, Brian Head isn't just a resort near Parowan. It's memories. I grew up skiing there in the winters, my family, my grandparents, aunts, uncles and, eventually, cousins, would cozy up in a condo or two with hot chocolate, plastic arms, and a series of ropes used for swinging my brother and I wildly from the second story.
Brian Head is a place for digging cars out of the snow. It's a place for planting plastic arms in the snow and making people think someone is buried. It's a place where the adults play Trivial Pursuit and my brother and I go to bed. It's, apparently, a place where my brother still sucks on a pacifier...

And, okay, so if you click to enlarge that picture, the one that was taken some 25ish years ago when my brother really did still suck on a pacifier, you will see that I did, in fact, give birth to myself. Because that, right there, is Garrett in a purple ski jacket. So if all the people who didn't know us when we were little could stop saying that he looks exactly like his father and I contributed no DNA whatsoever that would be great. Thanks.

Brian Head is a place, apparently, where I dressed up like some sort of mini diva.

And perfected the snow plow...

A few years back I was able to introduce my husband and my own son to the snowy resort...

As far as the cost goes, what with the adoption expenses and all, I can come up with, maybe, let's see, carry the one, minus that, hmmm, about $200 of that asking price. Does anyone have the other 28,999,800 lying around?

And, also, slow market in resort real estate? You don't say...


  1. Yep, that's Garrett in a purple ski jacket. We had some good times at Brianhead didn't we? Also, there were plenty of children's games too....you didn't just have to go to bed.

  2. I totally thought that was Garrett and wondered where Mathew was! Lori Skillings

  3. Garrett yes, but the eyes on your brother are Garrett's too.