Wednesday, July 7, 2010

All For A Free Frosty

In an argument I usually think I'm right. I've become attached to my answer, my opinion, my action, what have you. If I've already seen the error of my way of thinking, it likely doesn't result in an argument but, rather, an apology. I think this is often the way with humans. We reason therefore we reason that we are right. But typically, I'll admit when I'm wrong. If, that is, I'm wrong.

Today, I wasn't wrong.

Let me back up. The Rock Star played tee ball in April and May and, when the season was over, he received a Salt Lake Bees Knothole Club ID Card. The Bees are our minor league baseball team. Among other things, this card grants him a free Jr. Frosty from any Wasatch Front Wendy's location. A Jr. Frosty is only 53 cents but every penny counts. A couple weeks ago we used this card at a Wendy's near our house. When I mentioned it to the employee she seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and didn't even need to see the card to verify.

I tried to use it again today at a different location which is still very close to our home and very close to where Garrett played tee ball. I asked for the Frosty and informed the person taking the order that I had a card to receive it for free. I also ordered a 99 cent Frosty. The intercom crackled and there was a bit of a language barrier and I was unsure of what she declared the total to be. The order should have come to $1.07 but I thought I'd heard a six which was confusing. I drove up to the window and a young guy asked for $1.60--and this is where it gets interesting.

Me: I'm confused. I'm paying for a Frosty and getting a Jr. Frosty for free.
Guy: Do you have a coupon?
Me: No. I have a Bees Club Card. Do you need to see it?
Guy: Uh...
Me: Here (I hand it to him.)
Guy: Hmmm. I've never seen this before. Hold on just a minute.
(He disappears. While he is gone, the lady at the next window is hanging her head out of it trying to get me to pull forward. Clearly, she's thinking that I have no idea how the concept of a drive thru works. Guy returns with Rude Employee who is now holding my card.)
Rude Employee: So you just want the one Frosty then?
Me: No. I want to pay for a small Frosty and get a Jr. Frosty for free.
Rude Employee: Do you have a coupon?
Me: No. I have that card.

We interrupt this dialogue so that I can explain, in great detail, what this card looks like. On the front it says Salt Lake Bees Knothole Club Official Member. There is a picture of a bee wearing a baseball cap and holding a bat. At the top in tiny writing it says, Triple-A Affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and at the bottom it says Presented By: and then has the official Wendy's logo. At the very bottom it has the symbol for copyright and says 2010 Oldemark LLC. The Wendy's name and design are trademarks of Oldemark LLC and are licensed to Wendy's International, Inc.

If you turn the card over it says Knothole Club ID Card Holder Benefits and proceeds to list several things including the free Jr. Frosty. Now back to our scene.

Rude Employee: (making a face like I am the dumbest person he's ever met, staring at the front of the card for about three seconds and then saying, with conviction) This card is only good in Los Angeles.

Now, I didn't mean to laugh out loud. I certainly didn't mean to do it right in his face. I definitely didn't mean to convey with that laugh that I was, of course, laughing at him and not with him. It just bubbled up and out because the statement was so utterly ridiculous.

Me: Los Angeles? It is not good in L.A.. It's a Salt Lake Bees card! How could it be good in L.A.? It says it's good for a Jr. Frosty at any Wasatch Front Wendy's.
Rude Employee: (without pausing) Oh. Well then. This isn't a Wasatch Front Wendy's.

The Wasatch Front is an urban area in the north-central part of the U.S. state of Utah. It consists of a chain of cities and towns stretched along the Wasatch Range from approximately Santaquin in the south to Brigham City in the north. Roughly 80% of Utah's population resides in this region, as it contains the major cities of Salt Lake City, Provo and Ogden. And, just so you know, I wouldn't even try to use it anywhere outside of Salt Lake county.

Me: Well, I used it at the Wendy's on (insert name of street near my house here) and that's even farther from the Wasatch Range than you are.
Rude Employee: (rolls his eyes at me!) Well, I don't know what to tell you. I mean, I guess I'll do it. (insert dramatic pause) This time. But I'm going to be talking to my manager about this.
Guy: (stepping forward) $1.07 (whispering) I'm really sorry.
Me: It's okay.

It was like I was holding him at gunpoint in an attempt to rob him of half a dollar. I felt like, without a trial, judge or jury, I'd been sentenced to hang for my sin. At least Guy realized that we're innocent until proven guilty and that, in this case, I would not be proven guilty.

The card also entitles us to discounts on EnergySolutions Arena events and Utah Jazz games. Maybe I should try to get discounted tickets at the Staples Center and, when they look at me like I'm insane I can inform them that Rude Employee at a Wendy's in Utah informed me that my card was only good in Los Angeles.


  1. i am so glad i am not the only one with ridiculous customer service stories like this.
    there must be some class everyone is taking... "the customer is stupid and attempt to do anything you can to irritate them"

  2. When he mentioned his manager you should have said great why don't we talk to him now about your attitude!!!!!! how rude. sorry he was so rude to you. honestly what happened to manners

  3. Somewhere a village is looking for its

  4. Good for you! I hate stupid people. But man they make for a good blog!

    Sounds like my McDs experience last week when I was told that the meal I've been ordering for 10 years... including 2 days prior at the SAME place 'wasn't served there' - two cars went around me while I attempted to order a 'double cheese burger meal (NOT MINI MEAL) with coke and 4 piece nugget' I was literally at the order screen for 10 minutes. WOW people are DUMB.

  5. this sort of behavior makes me so irate. if i were you, i would call that wendy's and ask to speak to the manager and tell them the entire story, including the name of the employee who was rude to you. its really not about the free frosty, its about being treated like a dumba$$ when clearly he is the dumb-dumb.

  6. hey lady. I'm back in Americaville now, so I can actually take the time to download the comments page of your blog.

    anywho. this is NOTHING compared to your frosty situation, but one time my sister and I went to Taco Bell (repeat. one time.) we're both vegetarians, so Car ordered a mexican pizza, no meat. we get it. it has meat. we take it back.

    Taco Bell employee: 'you said no beans'.

    me: nope. we said no meat. since we don't eat meat. we're vegetarian. meat.

    TBe: 'we're not doing this for you. you guys have done this before and we're tired of it'.

    (I should pause here to add that we were at a Taco Bell we'd NEVER BEEN TO BEFORE.)

    me: what?
    sister: what?

    etc. you get the idea. my favourite part is 'you guys have done this before.' you know that old 'rob them of their mexican pizza' con that's big right now.

  7. The more I've gotten into couponing and getting freebies, the more I run into stuff like this. It would be so nice if the employees were made aware of the coupons and promotions that involve their company. I just love going someplace and it takes several employees to make a coupon work. Joanna

  8. We are constantly adding new promotions at work. It's almost impossible to keep up. So when someone comes up with one that's new to me, I...get this...READ IT! And then I explain to them what to do. Must be those two Master's degress I have kickin' in.