Monday, July 26, 2010

Incipient Lesion

My husband is talking out of one side of his mouth. He had a dentist appointment this morning and after the dentist praised him for taking such good care of his teeth, he informed Troy that the incipient lesion he'd been keeping an eye on needed to be filled. The what? I shouted through my cell phone as Troy told me about it. Apparently I'd known about this but I feel like I would have remembered something called an incipient lesion.

Anyway. The dentist had time to fill it right then and there so Troy went ahead and had it done. Then he came home and he could only smile with half of his face. (We're in the skit tonight at our church's Vacation Bible School so I really hope he regains feeling soon.) It's pretty funny. I can say this because I've never had a filling. Perhaps, by admitting this to all the Internet world, I'm going to get a mouth full of cavities before my next appointment but it's true. I'm completely terrified of getting my first cavity. Sure I've given birth, passed a kidney stone, and received the Rocephin shot of death in my hind quarters but I'm panic stricken at the thought of dental work involving Novocaine.

As he got ready to head to the church to prepare for VBS, I laughed every time Troy smiled. Because I'm mean like that.

Also, I think I'm going to try to work incipient lesion into my daily conversation. In various ways. None of which will make much sense.


  1. You could work it into the play instead of calling him indigo. Ha Ha.

  2. Because you're mean like that. Hee hee.
    Loves it.

  3. We try to work "trifecta" into our daily conversation.