Monday, June 28, 2010


My dear friend, Veronica, happens to share the same dream that I do. We both want to visit every state. Her goal, to see all 50 before she turns 30. My goal, to see them all before I die. I can't set myself for extreme failure and attempting to see 31 states in the next 14 months would be ridiculous. Veronica, on the other hand, has just under 12 months to see 3.

This weekend she flew into Salt Lake and took a road trip up to Montana to get a couple more states accomplished. She spent last night here with us and flew home to San Francisco this morning. We stayed up talking, laughing and catching up until 1:00 am. For some reason, although caffeine was not involved, I had a hard time falling asleep. I finally fell asleep around 2. When Garrett woke me up at 6:45 I was exhausted.

Shortly after 7:00 I came downstairs, rubbed my eyes, and said to my friend, "I seriously feel like I just woke up after a slumber party." I can remember feeling that way many times with Veronica. Many sleep overs, parties and mission trips involved us getting way too little sleep. Sometimes it was our fault. Sometimes it was other people snoring like they'd been possessed by a foghorn. Always, it was fun.

I miss her already but I sure am glad she's visited me twice since I moved out here to Utah.


  1. oh fun! miss you ladies and wish we could get all the LOOPS together for a slumber party :)

  2. NO WAY!!!! THAT WAS MY GOAL TOOO!!!!! Yes, 50 states, although my original goal was "50 states before I turn 50."
    And, yes, I accomplished that goal. Before I turned 30, but, hey, I don't have kids, a husband, or anything else more important. You will get there! I believe. In the mean time, you are doing a FANTASTIC job raising 2 very precious boys.
    Priorities, yup!
    Laura "It's good to be me"

  3. just getting around to catching up on my reader. it was so good seeing you and the boys! i'm glad it was chatting and not a foghorn in the form of a human keeping us up. :) miss you.