Friday, June 25, 2010

Flash(way)back Friday

In just over two weeks (can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned) I'm going to Lake Tahoe. A lot like I did back then...
Back when my dad had a giant hairy caterpillar between his upper lip and his nose. Which, even though we're pretty far away in this picture, I think you can see. I don't know which trip this picture was taken on but my brother was approximately the same age that The Rock Star is now.

And boy is he excited to go back. The Rock Star, that is. Although, well, my brother's excited too. He has it a little confused with his other favorite place in the world, Hawaii. He keeps telling me that he can't wait to tell people, "Aloooooha!" once we get to Tahoe. I think these people are going to be confused. The Rock Star won't care either way. As long as there's water and he can play outside, he'll be happy. He's gotten quite a bit bigger since the last time he was there.
Matthew was a teeny little embryo and not yet a member of our family when we last went. I can't wait to introduce him to my favorite spot in the whole world. Poor kid is going to have to live in a life jacket because he has absolutely no fear of water. He's like a moth to a flame and he's going to take one look at that huge swimming pool and make a beeline straight for it.
17 days and counting...


  1. Is it still too early to start packing our clothes?

  2. And then we get to see you, and meet Matthew too!! YAY! Oh, and be near the beautiful lake, aaaahhhh.

  3. Have a great vacation..You deserve a vacation Sally

  4. Scott, the K-Love radio host,was talking about camping with Jeremy Camp on the radio and shared that he recently went to Lake Tahoe. While there he saw a bear. Have you ever seen one?

  5. oh fun! i'm dreaming about a sunny vacation right now!