Tuesday, June 22, 2010

P Is For Potty? *UPDATED*

I don't care what anyone else says. I just don't. I know that my youngest son has the cutest back of the neck and head. His hairline stops abruptly, revealing the sweetest, chubbiest, most adorable neck. The back of his ears help complete the picture. It's simply, ridiculously, adorable. And I know that my oldest son has the cutest bum in the whole entire wide world. Truly, there is no use arguing with me. The only thing cuter than Matthew's neck and Garrett's butt (I won't be able to read this particular post aloud because Garrett will "scold" me for saying butt as it is a naughty word in our house.) is a golden retriever puppy. Maybe.

Speaking of "naughty" words--which is really not at all what I was speaking of but whatever--our children are not allowed to say butt, fart, or pee. This is fine with Matthew. He doesn't say much of anything. I just asked Garrett if he even knows what the word fart means and he looked at me, with a sheepish face, and said, "It's a toot. Someone at preschool told me." I just happen to think that these three words sound crass coming out of the mouths of tiny kids. Don't get me wrong, I understand that I'm in the major minority when it comes to the word pee. Even the doctor calls it that. Also, this particular banned word caused problems when Garrett was learning his letters and I could not understand why, in the world, he was giggling hysterically every time he named the letter that comes after O. I had to explain that the letter P is acceptable but that, in our house, we don't like the word pee when referring to going to the bathroom or, as we say here, going potty.

I know. I'm crazy. Am I the only mom who thinks that when a three-year-old says pee, butt or fart they suddenly sound like a ten or eleven-year-old? Am I the only one who absolutely hates the word pee in general? I mean, honestly. Etymologically speaking, pee is the euphemistic abreviation of piss and I am certainly not going to let my child run around saying that. Although, to be fair, etymologically speaking, potty is slang for chamber pot.

So, although this post was supposed to be about my oldest son's bottom and my youngest son's neck, it's turned into a post about Doozleberry family "naughty" words. Weigh in.

Update: Well, forget the poll. It's scolding everyone and not recording people's votes...at least not that I can tell. If you have a strong opinion, share it in the comments section.

Where do you fall on this issue?
Who cares what pee is slang for? All kids should say pee. PEE! It is so onomatopoeic.
Better to have a kid walking around saying chamber pot than the alternative.
My kid calls (or called) it something else entirely.


  1. What do you call it? Is pee "potty" and poop "poop?" How do you differentiate from #1 and #2?

  2. Your poll scolded me and told me I could not vote repeatedly :-# Goodness.

    As far as fart goes I completely agree. Butt and pee I'm still not settled on, but we often refer to urine expelling as 'pee pee' so perhaps we're doubley bad in this house. haha.

  3. I also was scolded by the poll!

    I think "pee" is fine... or tinkle (though that really is a sound)... as for "butt" and "fart" I think there are other nicer ways of saying those... I prefer bum and toot.

    We will see what happens when Karsie is talking more though!

  4. When I was working in Hawaii, they said "making shi-shi" for potty. I just loved how they "make" shi-shi, like its something special that they "made" just for me!

  5. lol on previous comment! i remember hearing that about the hawaiian people as well, but i wondered who the heck would know what my son was talking about if he told his teacher that he had to make shi-shi. so we say pee. but mostly we just say "potty". he likes to announce when he has to go "poop" even though my husband has an aversion to that particular word ("poo" he is fine with for some reason. we are tooters and bum lovers around here as well for as long as we can keep it that way :)

  6. we say tee-tee or potty, but i am with you on butt (we say bumper) and fart (we say toot)

  7. When we were little and had to poo, we said we had "to go big toe". I don't know who thought that up. It is not something I continued with my children. I guess I don't mind kids saying they have to pee as long as they let me know before the fact....

  8. I am in total agreement. We say 'potty' or 'tinkle' for #1 (though it is funny to hear my husband say he has to 'tinkle') and 'make/made a dirty' for #2. We also prefer 'bottom' and 'toot' for the others. I grew up learning that it was not acceptable to say 'pee', 'butt', or 'fart' and don't mind our little ones thinking the same way. It is rather crass to hear a small child say that, much less an adult. If an adult has to announce where they are doing, I'd prefer to hear they are going to the bathroom/restroom, since I really don't want to know the specifics.

  9. So look out when the kid sees the word Piss in the King James Bible...look it up!

    I prefer little boys to use the word "Whiz"...as in "I gotta take a whiz". It just cracks me up.

    Bottom and vagina and penis worked for me.