Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Yesterday, as I drove around, my boys cracked each other up. They were laughing so hard that both of them were struggling to breath as they exhaled their mirth and inhaled the other's.

G: Matthew, what if you had a crystal on your head?
M: (As soon as G stopped talking) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
G: (Unable to speak because M's laugh was cracking him up) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
G: What if you had a watch on your head?
G: HAHAHAHAHA! What if you had an alligator on your head?

Their belly laughs were so deep, so blessedly beautiful. And, as they rung through my ears and filled my car I could not help but laugh, hysterically with them. Tears sprung to my eyes as I listened to their voices rising and falling with glee. It's truly a wonder I was able to stay in my own lane.

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