Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Blog Has Been Hijacked . . .

. . . by my husband because he thought you needed to see this picture:

Here is the head wound being treated. This is the best picture I had, taken by a friend's cell phone. Unfortunately, I did not have my own camera as I did not know that my wife would be walking into the car door.

I will add that the wound looked very painful and worse in person. Hope you enjoy the visual element. I'm taking my pillow and blanket out to the doghouse.

I now return this blog to its rightful owner (who may or may not delete this post).


  1. That's great. Just great. I especially love the fact that it looks like we're putting butterfly strips on...NOTHING. You can't even see it in that picture! Dear Readers, I promise that I actually received a minor head wound. It still hurts. It's still slightly swollen. The end.

  2. Well, I suggest as a rebuttal a close up for the flesh wound. ;0) Thanks for sharing, Troy!

  3. Hahah! Thank you Mr. Doozleberry. :)

  4. Thanks for making me laugh. I saw the cut on Sunday but didn't get a chance to ask you about it.

    Troy, as often as you are in the dog house, I sure hope, you have your own dog house. It wouldn't be fair do your dog, since he didn't do anything.